TT-Formula RS フルチタン ポリッシュ Racing コンバージョンキット HAYABUSA(21-)

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 20-552-11:TT-Formula RS Racing 4-2-1
Please purchase this product from Technical Grage-RUN.

*Note: This is a racing exhaust system and is not intended for street use.

*This kit is designed for converting product number 25-552-01 to product number 20-552-11.

JAN: 4539770122378

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Center pipe

*Please refer to the product overview after conversion at the following link:
20-552-11: TT-Formula RS Racing 4-2-1


GS1200SSでのレース経験や歴代ハヤブサコンプリートマシン等、スズキ車への造詣が深いTechnical Grage-RUNとのコラボレーションが実現。
Technical Grage-RUNが思い描くスタイリングやコンセプトをOVER Racingが形にすることで、理想的なマフラーを創出。

The collaboration between Technical Grage-RUN, who has extensive racing experience with the GS1200SS and various generations of Hayabusa complete machines, and OVER Racing, known for their deep understanding of Suzuki vehicles, has brought about remarkable results.

By transforming the styling and concept envisioned by Technical Grage-RUN into reality, OVER Racing has created an ideal exhaust system.
Through the meticulous optimization of the length, diameter, and positioning of the multi-stage expanded exhaust pipes and tailpipes, as well as the inclusion of strategically placed bypasses, a smooth power delivery has been achieved, resulting in an impressive power buildup.

Furthermore, the racing model of the single silencer has been engineered to enhance the connection and peak power from the mid-range to the top-end.
This has been accomplished through further weight reduction and increased power output, achieving outstanding performance in terms of lightweight construction and high power.