OVER×SUNSTAR ブレーキディスク フルフローティング GROM(23-)/Monkey125 ABS(18-)/DAX125(22-)

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・83-223-14FD:OVER×SUNSTAR フルフローティング ブレーキディスク & 専用キャリパーサポートSIL
・83-223-14FDB:OVER×SUNSTAR フルフローティング ブレーキディスク & 専用キャリパーサポートBLK


・アウター : ホール&スリット 板厚4.0mm パッド有効幅30mm
・インナー : アルミ合金 ハードアルマイト処理
・ピン   : 10ピン(OVERロゴ入り)仕様 フルフローティング

※Monkey125のABS非搭載モデルにお乗りの場合は、83-221-50:OVER×SUNSTAR ブレーキディスク フルフローティング GROM(-20)/Monkey125をご使用ください。
Please purchase the products on this page for use in conjunction with the genuine caliper. If you plan to use with Brembo calipers, please consider purchasing the following sets in combination with the support:

83-223-14FD: OVER×SUNSTAR Full Floating Brake Disc & Dedicated Caliper Support SIL
83-223-14FDB: OVER×SUNSTAR Full Floating Brake Disc & Dedicated Caliper Support BLK

JAN: 4539770124297

Outer: Hole & Slit design with a thickness of 4.0mm and a pad effective width of 30mm.
Inner: Aluminum alloy with hard anodized treatment.
Pins: 10 pins with OVER logo, fully floating design.

*For Monkey125 model without ABS,
please use 83-221-50: OVER×SUNSTAR Full Floating Brake Disc for GROM(-20)/Monkey125.



By implementing the floating design, OVER Racing has improved the resistance to deformation, prevented deterioration of brake feel, and ensured a thickness of 4.0mm, resulting in a disc that is optimized for braking performance and exhibits high compatibility with Brembo calipers.

Furthermore, by fitting within the required thickness for the genuine calipers, we have made it possible for a wide range of users to experience the excellence of SUNSTAR products.
Similar to our premium racing discs for big bikes, you can choose between full-floating, geared towards racing use, and semi-floating, designed with street use in mind.
These options cater to different preferences and purposes.

The inner rotor, which also serves as an accent for the braking system, features a bronze color inspired by Kashima coating.
Additionally, the float pins are a special edition with the OVER Racing logo, adding a unique touch to the overall design.